Phase Two of Rejuvenation Efforts Complete!

The DiVine District coalition (My Song Boutique, Molta Bella Pizza, Pure Color Bar Salon, Joe’s Music, Schultz Upholstery, Spray U Tan, Genis Woodworking & more) has embarked on their second year of revitalization efforts to improve the Vine Street area of Willoughby between Erie and Skiff.

Last year the group installed more than 20 modern art sculptures along the street, collaborated to spruce up store fronts and launched their quintessential art event, ArtStock – A Creative Gathering. ArtStock is community gathering of artists and visitors joining forces to create and celebrate art!

Paper community mural completed square by square by visitors at the first ArtStock event, 2009.

Phase two has included the addition of delineation banners and flower baskets, improved business signage and the return of the DiVine Sculpture Garden with some impressive new works for the installation.   Multiple area entities have offered their assistance and been instrumental in the success of The District’s vision.  These groups include The City of Willoughby,  Heart of Willoughby, Downtown Merchants Association, Willoughby Chamber of Commerce, Willoughby Historical Society, Willoughby Welcome Center and other area organizations. We thank each of these groups for offering contributions to facilitate our rejuvenation efforts.

The DiVine District is marked by banners and flower baskets.

Chuck Russo displays his mastery of aluminum in this work, as part of The DiVine Sculpture Garden. Order your own plam tree creation at

Creative management to execute improvements is paramount, taking into consideration the limitations of the landscape and budget and, as such, upgrades will continue to occur in small increments.  However, The District coalition is already in the planning stages of Phase Three, which is scheduled for Spring of 2012 and includes the possible addition of seating and capitalizing on existing green space.

The DiVine District’s beautification initiative has been embraced and supported by local residents, proprietors, artists and organizations. The grass roots effort has generated much attention and more and more individuals and organizations are getting behind the project!

Want to be involved in the initiative? Visit for more details and contact information.


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