Joe’s Music and My Song Boutique Join Eclectic Runway Show!

Think Runway is all about fashion? That’s not always the case!

The Willoughby Area Welcome Center presents the “What’s New In Willoughby” Runway Show on July 25 from 11:30am-1:30pm at Fusco’s Auction House. This eclectic show highlights Willoughby businesses in all genres.

Joining the lineup this year are The DiVine District members, Joe’s Music and My Song Boutique. Each business will send one model down the runway and feature a product or service that they provide.

This show is a fun and off beat presentation where each company uses creativity and ingenuity to visually demonstrate their wares. You may find traditional, Avant Garde or whimsical looks on the catwalk at this unusual and intriguing event. Last year’s show was met with rousing success as each business utilized creativity in their model’s attire to symbolize their individual offerings.

My Song Boutique to show their line, R.J. Luna.

The event includes lunch, Chinese Raffle and the runway show, which features more than 25 area businesses. Proceeds will benefit The Willoughby Area Welcome Center. Tickets are $15 each. More information can obtained by calling 440.946.8632.


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