A Song For Jane…

I debated on whether to blog about the news that Jane Scott had passed away. Then I decided that since it was still on my mind more than a week later, I should pay homage to her and her career.

You may or may not know the name, but Jane was a groundbreaking journalist in the world of music. She was one of the first women to write about Rock and Roll, publish concert reviews and make music a regular section in The Plain Dealer.  She was not only well respected in the Cleveland music scene, but also on the national stage. Truly a legend in her own time!

I write about her because she was a personal acquaintance during my earlier years as a Rock and Roll Photographer.  I remember seeing her at the first three band performances I was shooting and thinking, “What is this “old” woman doing at Rock concerts!”  All I needed to do was ask any of the musicians running the circuit, the venue owners or the concert goers and they set me straight right away! That is not just any woman, that is Jane Scott!

Jane was already well into her 60’s when I met her and since she attended nearly every performance from Rock to Punk, large and small shows and all venues, we caught up with each other often.  Whether it was the hottest Pop concerts or the most grinding head banging shows of the era, Jane was there…taking notes, getting interviews and critiquing the performances.

Her quirky demeanor was always accompanied by some attention grabbing article of apparel… maybe it was a fuchsia straw hat with flowers or a neon green hand bag stuffed with a chaotic stack of band bios.  Not only was Jane an amazing journalist, but she was a confident woman, who loved to be herself! This may explain why she took such a shine to musicians who expressed themselves as individuals.  Jane was affectionately known as “the world’s oldest teenager” and it was very fitting.  A monicker she was proud to own.  She truly loved music and it’s influence on peoples lives….Even now I smile when I think of Jane!

Rock On Jane! (May 3, 1919 – July 4, 2011)




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