Fashion Meets Technology!

My Song Boutique, a member of The DiVine District, is leading the technology meets fashion revolution!

Recently My Song Boutique, in combination with Fashion TV Network, produced a television commercial promoting the New York inspired boutique in Willoughby. This 30 second spot will be one of the first in our area to utilize the latest technology, QR Codes, in an on screen capacity.

The QR Code (or Quick Response Code) is a symbol consisting of a matrix of blocks that when read by a consumer‘s compatible device, will direct them to our website instantly. The cutting edge technology is used by smart phones with a compatible App reader.

My Song Boutique and Fashion TV Network have teamed up to bring this technology into practical use for the television viewer. At any time during the commercial, they can scan the code and peruse our website instantly for further information about our store. The consumer can then bookmark the site and recall it at their convenience to obtain trend alerts, sale dates, contact information, store hours, etc.

“We are excited to offer this technology! We believe it will be a great tool for helping new clients discover our boutique. As well, current clients can keep on top of news at our shop, like our new consignment section….literally at their fingertips,” says Jackie Bertolette, Co-owner and Designer at My Song Boutique.

The new QR Coded television spots will begin airing on Time Warner Cable within the next few days on fashion oriented networks. More information about My Song Boutique can be found at or 440.918.1480.

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  1. the technology really works

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