Milan Fashion Week Wrap Up!

I do apologize for the the hiccup, as my internet went off line temporarily and in the middle of one the most important Fashion Weeks of the season! UUGGHH!! But we’re back, so let’s get down to business!

While we were gone, London Fashion Week closed with some debonaire men’s collections and Milan Fashion Week, with only one day remaining,  has basically come and gone without any “What were they thinking?” mentions.

Milan shows some of the most influential Designers and they did not disappoint! Let’s review and get caught up….

The week opened with a fabulous show from Gucci! Showing the more “dangerous”  side of a woman, Gucci offered some deep and dark pieces that harken back to the vampiress age. The heavy velvets and full gowns let a lady revel in her mysterious beauty!

On the lighter side, Just Cavalli sent some pops of color down the runway. Offering a classic silhouette mixed with a few notes of the unexpected. This collection put a smile on my face!

Prada showed a gorgeous collection filled with sophistication and timeless silhouettes. I loved the tailored looks that offer a hint of androgyny while letting a woman feel like a woman!

I saved my all time favorite Designer for last, Versace! Donatello has the most amazing knack for offering a beautiful piece mixed with whimsy, attitude and individualism! Somehow, you can always spot a Versace piece and that’s one of the things I love about any Designer, a signature style! Some pieces I love and some are not really for me, but Versace never fails to treat the eye!

Up next in the Fashion Week frenzy, we go to Paris beginning February 28. Paris is well known for it’s range in fashion and is sure to be filled with classic, “out of the box” and “What were they thinking?” collections. Strap yourself in for a real amusement park ride as we delve into Haute Couture looks!!!!


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