Paris Fashion Week-Day 2!

We are embarking on the most exciting Fashion Week of all! Paris is known for showing some fabulous collections and some outrageous ones too! There is no doubt that as we move deeper into the week, we will see fashions that get the world talking, some for the good and some for the bad!

Day 1 launched showing only a hand full of Designers all of which sent some amazing fashion down the runway and of course, right out of the gate, there were some “What Were They Thinking?” looks!

Overall Julien David’s collection was quite wearable, showing easy and relaxed fit garments using bold pops of color, but this collection also wins the honor for Day 1 of  “WWTT?” looks! Apparently, the Designer likes the idea of woman hiding behind buckets and hoods and looking more like someone who should be arrested on the streets for suspicious intent than a fashion forward woman…..HUH?! Don’t get it!!!!

Aganovich’s collection was classic and simple using a lot of basics and neutrals. I did love some of the looks, but some of them left the image of trendy nun stuck in my mind!

My favorite overall collection yesterday was the offerings from Cedric Charlier. Bringing a new twist to the strong look of leather, the Designer used this textile repeatedly throughout the show and in elegant and fashion forward ways.  Trending color and sophisticated style, Charlier gave us very elegant looks that every woman would feel beautiful wearing!


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