Paris Fashion Week-Day 4!

We are at the midpoint of Paris Fashion Week.  Today we will see some of the better known Designers. Day 3 gave us several collections that were to die for and a few that were, well… not so much!

Balenciaga showed a simplistic collection that combines timeless silhouettes with a bit of trend. These pieces are all easy to integrate into any current wardrobe and enhance it for years into the future.

Nina Ricci offered many “basics”, which is always nice, but that’s it, just nice….I couldn’t help but feeling like maybe the creative “well had run dry”.  I did like the classic styles and overall it was a solid collection, but couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen most of the looks before.

Rounding out the day were the proverbial “What Were they Thinking?” looks.  Frankly, I’m a little disappointed, considering this IS Paris, that nothing screams bizarre! The winners for “WWTT?” are more of a “why bother” than anything else.

Vandevorst showed a dark collection that cloaks a woman in mystery, but not in a good way. The looks were drab, ill fitted and downright boring! I would probably cover my head too, if I was wearing any of these pieces!

Manish Arora sent a train wreck collection down the runway! There were a few looks that did have potential, but overall it reminded me more of Grandma’s table cloths, children’s art projects gone wrong and brightly colored potato sacks. All in all both collections left me underwhelmed!


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