Sneak Peek Inside The New Gourmet Soap Market!

I am so excited to see such a fabulous and interesting shop open up in the DiVine District! I couldn’t wait to stop in and check it out….The final design was worth the anticipation! Great Job, Barbie and welcome to The District!

Barbie Gennarelli’s Gourmet Soap Market offers organic, eco- friendly and hand made soaps, lotions and more! Not only is the product line a “refreshing” change from the norm, but the shop itself is absolutely gorgeous! Barbie has renovated a tired building into an amazing retail space that is welcoming, relaxing and blends old world charm with contemporary style!

The atmosphere is an exhilarating collision of tropical spa and modern chic. The market is bright, cheery and fun and the bouquet of natural aromas is relaxing and calming.  The Gourmet Soap Market offers a comprehensive array of organic soap products from facial bars to laundry flakes. You will find  scented lotions,  allergen free cleansing products and luxurious spa items that are found at high end, world class resorts…all right here in The District!

This is a shopping experience like no other!  No more concerns about parking, as the shop offers ample spaces in the back and easy access from both the street and the rear.  Barbie’s vast knowledge of her products is astounding and her friendly disposition will have you engaged the moment you enter…Make it a point to stop in and check out this fabulous niche shop and be sure to leave yourself plenty of time, as you will find yourself lingering while you discover all the store has to offer !!!!

One Response to “Sneak Peek Inside The New Gourmet Soap Market!”
  1. barbie says:

    Thank you for the fabulous welcome and write up Jackie!!


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