Paris Fashion Week-Day 5!

I can’t stress enough how bored I am by this season’s Paris shows! This is supposed to be the week where Designers push the envelope and whether they end up on the “WWTT?” list or not, I always looked forward to the innovation. However, as we begin to wind down the week, I am left wondering where the fun is!!! I’m not seeing many completely unwearable and outrageous Couture looks and even the good shows seem to be forgetful…I’m finding myself yawning as each day unfolds. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more excitement in the last few days!

Day 4 offered us Christian Dior’s collection and while it was impeccably tailored, the overall feel was a bit tired in my eyes. The collection uses classic silhouettes combined with a “ho hum” color palette. Sure, the Designer showed the dusty hues that are hot for Fall, but if I’m paying this kind of money for a look, I’d better not fade into the background!

Balmain showed a collection that at least evoked an opinion! I did love the cut of many of the looks and found them to be more attention grabbing, but the Designer went a little overboard with embellishments and they just ended up feeling gaudy!

So now, we look at the “What Were They Thinking?” winners of the day and this is the best I could come up with…..sad really…aren’t we in the house of Haute Couture!?

Margiela sent just another “OK” collection down the runway with only a few pieces that made me look twice.  For the life of me, I can’t understand the asymmetrical cut on some of the gowns….hhuuhh!?  I applaud the attempt at innovation, but these dresses look more like the model got into a fight with a pair of gardening shears and guess who won! Did the skirts get caught in the sewing machine and it was too late to remake them?

I must elevate Ann Demeulemeester!!!! Finally…something to write about!!! This is the one collection that actually held my attention!  Overall the collection was innovative and actually showed a point of view… not a point of view that I can see any woman actually wearing, but at least there was one!  The looks were strong, bold and definitely for a woman with attitude! I loved the unexpected nature of the body hugging cutouts and combination of mismatched textiles. I don’t really think that any woman would be seen walking down the streets of Paris donning these looks any time soon, but thank goodness for the attempt! This collection was much more in line with Haute Couture fashion….even though she ends on on the “WWTT?” list, I have to give a round of applause….. Kudos to Ann!


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