Wake Up People…Paris Is In The House! Day 6

Paris is coming to a close soon, with only a few more days to go and Great News!!! Day 5 gave us plenty to talk about! Yeah!

We saw a number of well known Designers show their Fall 2012 RTW collections yesterday and almost all of them find their place on both Sublime and “WWTT?” lists.

The best show overall goes to Gaultier! I was pleasantly surprised by the wearability of this collection. Jean Paul is well known for his more outrageous looks and while he did have one that earns a “What Were They Thinking?” spot, the collection, as a whole, was flattering, unpretentious and sublime. Love, love, love the easy comfort of many of the silhouettes!  The looks were infused with sophistication and attitude. I would definitely wear nearly every piece shown.

An unexpected close second for “Best of the day” is Lanvin. The Designer showed classic styles with a bit of whimsy that doesn’t take fashion too seriously. Many of the looks blended fashion forward chic with girly ruffles and bling! These are the kind of looks that make a bold statement for a confident woman!

Victor & Rolf offered a strong collection with innovative styling. The looks gave us a new twist on old favorites and the show was classic, yet fashion forward.

Now to the fun stuff!  As previously mentioned, many Designers get both kudos and jeers…The “WWTT?” nominees are….Watanabe, Gautier, Lanvin and Westwood. The runners up get praise for overall styling, but each one added a few looks that should have been left on the cutting room floor! Watanabe gave us an orange leopard sack, Gaultier showed us a fur nightmare and Lanvin went overboard with ruffles that looked more like growths than anything else.  Maybe if the appendages were in the same black it could work?….maybe, maybe not!

Vivienne Westwood earns the dubious distinction of winning the top prize for “What Were They Thinking?”. Her collection was schizophrenic to say the least. On one hand, she showed some very cool and dynamic outer wear pieces and on the other, she offered a grouping of absolutely bizarre looks. Therefore, she gets her own category, the “Good, Bad and Hideous!” Take a closer look at the second one in particular….This jumpsuit, I guess you’d call it, has the model wearing the armholes on her legs….WHAT!!!!???? At first glance, I thought the Designer was showing a diaper, but not the case….the reality is even stranger….to say “I’m confused” would be an understatement! Westwood went on to show several looks using this style….maybe she should have stepped back and edited!!!!

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