Paris Shines! Fashion Week Day 7!

We’re beginning to see some amazing designs coming out of Paris! The exciting looks have finally entered the building! I’m looking forward to today’s shows, as we will see the collections from Stella Mccartney (another of my faves!) and Yves Saint Laurent.

Yesterday brought us more well known Designers. First up is Givenchy. This Designer is not my usual favorite as the looks are a little too trendy for my taste, but this collection offered some great styles with serious attitude!

Galliano sent a beautiful collection down the runway. Most of the pieces were strong, classic and elegant. A few looks landed him on the “WWTT?” list, but overall the collection was a stunning mix of old world and modern chic!

Alexis Mabille is an up and coming Designer and one to keep your eyes on! The Designer blends sophisticated style with contemporary trends and offers very wearable pieces for the modern woman!

My favorite collection was by far Andrew Gn! This show was one pleasant surprise after another! The use of timeless silhouettes and hues that highlight the season’s trends offered an amazing selection of posh sophistication! The looks are flattering and wearable for every occasion in your busy life! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection! One word comes to mind…FABULOUS!

The use of shear textiles was a recurring trend in many of the Designers’ shows and for several collections, it was used with restraint, demure elegance and sublime allure. However, there were a few looks that, well to say shocked me, would be an understatement! I’m all about revealing a little skin, enhancing the mystery and drawing attention, but these looks were downright insane! I think the models forgot their undergarments! Ladies, please, if you wear these styles, remember to put on foundations!!!!!


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