Eye Popping Designs! Paris-Day 8!

Right out of the gate Paris Fashion Week had me a tad bored, but with only 2 days left to go, Paris is shaping up to be worth the wait! Stay tuned for Chanel, Valentino and Alexander McQueen to grace the runways today!

Day 7 gave us several outstanding shows!  My absolute favorite collection was from Leonard! This collection had me wanting every single piece! The Designer showed classic silhouettes with a touch of attitude. This type of look is right up my alley! The collection used a fabulous mix of tailoring and fluidity. Look after look had me riveted and jotting down the style as a “must have” for the Fall season!

A personal favorite Designer of mine is Stella McCartney. She generally captures the essence of a sophisticated woman who enjoys their individuality. As a whole, her collection was “safe” and I was a bit disappointed in the simplicity of it, however, I did love a number of the pieces and found them to be easy additions to any wardrobe. She showed timeless basics that could freshen up any tired closet.

Yves Saint Laurent sent a gorgeous collection down the runway. I love the crop pant that he showed again and again! The fitted collection is figure flattering and the luxurious textiles exemplify a designer outfit! When you wear any of these pieces, you can’t help but feel glamorous, chic and confident!

Today’s “WWTT?” winner earns the prize more for lack of wearability than creativity. I actually liked the “out of the box” designs of Comme de Garcons but can’t visualize any woman walking down the streets in these looks. This is what Haute Couture is all about….innovation! Trying something new and pushing the envelope. While the collection lands on the “What Were They Thinking?” list, I applaud the effort!


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