Sublime Looks Grace The Paris Runways! Day 9

Paris is finally showing outstanding designs! With only one day remaining, Paris has redeemed itself!  The fashion frenzy continues as we move our attentions toward Los Angeles, Ca. LA Fashion Week begins tomorrow.

Day 8 gave us a lovely collection by Chanel. A combination of fitted and flirty looks offers a woman options! I love the fluid movement in the softer silhouettes and the gentle color palette used to pop this collection!

Alexander McQueen offered a sublime collection heavily focused on the fur look. I wanted all of the outerwear looks and found the dresses to be fresh and inspired! The styles are perfect for a confident woman with attitude!

The best show for me was Valentino! It was a hard choice, since all the Designers sent wonderful collections down the runway. In true Valentino style, the looks were classic and understated. Using a strong nod toward the look of antique lace, his pieces were elegant, restrained and sophisticated!

Yesterday was an explosion of excitement! I was hard pressed to find anything to offer for the “WWTT?” category. There was only one look that raised my eyebrow and it was offered by Junko Shimada. The silhouette is classic, but the combination of prints left me wondering why the Designer would put these two patterns in the same outfit. Floral and animal print seem to be polar opposites and the color hues compete with each other. Is this lady wild and untamed or is she a dainty flower?


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