Paris Fashion Week-Day 3!

Paris  is already shaping up to be a great adventure in fashion! Day 2 brought us a few very innovative collections, which overall left me optimistic about the looks for Fall 2012. Dries Van Noten offered an exciting collection of  the perfect mix of classic and trend. Showing the dusty neutral palette that is all … Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week-Day 2!

We are embarking on the most exciting Fashion Week of all! Paris is known for showing some fabulous collections and some outrageous ones too! There is no doubt that as we move deeper into the week, we will see fashions that get the world talking, some for the good and some for the bad! Day … Continue reading

Milan Fashion Week Ends and Paris Begins!

Wear red today in support of Chardon High….I am conflicted to post about something as frivolous as fashion this morning,  in light of  much more important issues following the recent events. I will begin by offering my condolences and thoughts to all affected by the tragedy.  That being said….let’s move on to the topic of … Continue reading

Milan Fashion Week Wrap Up!

I do apologize for the the hiccup, as my internet went off line temporarily and in the middle of one the most important Fashion Weeks of the season! UUGGHH!! But we’re back, so let’s get down to business! While we were gone, London Fashion Week closed with some debonaire men’s collections and Milan Fashion Week, … Continue reading

London Fashion Week – Day 5!

I must say that Day 4 didn’t keep my interest too much. Generally, the deeper into the week, the better the shows, but this day left me wanting more! The good news is that today also launches Milan Fashion Week! Yesterday, I saw some things I liked, but nothing I loved. Overall, the day showed … Continue reading

London Fashion Week-Day 4!

Fashion Week is shaping to be an adventure in fashion! As we continue our “What Were They Thinking?” segment, Fred Butler stands out. The collection was truly a carnival ride! If he was looking to be memorable, he did it, but not in a good way!….What was he thinking? However, day 4 also brought us … Continue reading

London Fashion Week-Day 3!

As we reach the mid point of London Fashion Week, I am pleased to see that one of my favorite Designers, Vivienne Westwood, did not disappoint! She showed some amazing pieces and a few over the top, which is her signature style! Love, love, love the mix of elegance and attitude! Day 3 brought us … Continue reading

London Fashion Week – Day2!

As London Fashion Week unfolds, it seems that my “What were they thinking?” mentions are becoming a daily occurrence! I try not to be critical, as art is art and everything has value….BUT….Take a looksy at these train wrecks! Again, I can’t see these looks being appropriate in any place except maybe a performance of … Continue reading

London Fashion Week Opens – Day 1!

Thought we were done with our fashion fix now that New York is over? Not So! London Fashion Week began yesterday and we saw some amazing designs AND some that have me wondering “What were they thinking?”! The one thing I love about London is the tradition to “push” the envelope on fashion, but there … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Comes To A Close!

New York Fashion Week is officially over and for those of us who love fashion, we now look to London, LA and Miami to feed our fashion frenzy. Stay tuned for these events in the coming weeks. The last day of NYFW brought us some creative and fashion forward looks. Ralph Lauren showed a muted … Continue reading